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A1. ZLT is a professional production of coldrolled stainless steel conglomerate, with professional production experience stainless steel and our own factory almost 12 years, where there are more than 1,000 professional and technical workers. We are the department of foreign trade of Hongwang. All our products are shipped directly from the Hongwang mill.。

A2 products. ZL Tmain comes with 201/304/316/310s stainless steel coil and sheet, all different styles of carved and embossed, finished surface will be customized.


A3. All products need to go through three checks throughout the manufacturing process, including production, cutting sheets and the packaging.


A4. The delivery time is normal within 15~20 working days, we can provide about 15,000 tons month.

A5. Our factory has advanced five eighth roller rolling, cold rolling production equipment, advanced processing and testing equipment, which makes our product quality better with efficiency.


A6. We will have several colleagues follow our order accordingly for every order with professional after-sales service. If any claim occurs, we will take our responsibility and pay according to each contract. For better service to our clients, we will continue to monitor the feedback of our products from clients and that makes us different from other suppliers. We are a customer care business.


A7. At the top of the page, you can see a line of credit with $228,000. This gives our company a higher level of credibility at the bottom. We can guarantee the safety of your order.



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